Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cruise Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cruise Deals

Each year, more than 20 million people take a cruise. To some, there's a fear they might get seasick but cruise ships are very stable. It's common for holidaymakers to report that they didn't feel the boat move at all. Most cruises don't offer all-inclusive. That's a myth some holidaymakers believe but it's rarely true. The other myth that should be bust wide open is that cruises are full of old folk. Sure, some pensioners choose to cruise but you'll find a wide age range if you opt for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal at the end of November.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is the world's largest cruise line so you might think they don't have any need to offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. They are only number two when it comes to passenger numbers though so perhaps you can add to the passenger list by choosing to cruise with Royal Caribbean. You can get ahead of the crowd by visiting their site and signing up with your Email address at any time. To give you an idea of what they offer, back in 2017, they offered 50 percent off second guests during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 

Tour Operators

On Friday 29th of November 2018, holidaymakers were able to enjoy deals from travel agents like Tui, who's offered cruises from as low as £153 per person. If you're considering travelling with Tui, check out their dedicated cruise line, Marella Cruises, if you're interested in cruising around Asia, the Caribbean or Europe. Jet2 are another tour operator to check out. They offer Adriatic cruises to Croatia on 3 or 4-star boats.

Mini Cruises

Last year, Brittany Ferries sold mini cruises on Black Friday for £109 per person and Fred Olsen Cruises cut their prices by 40 percent to attract new customers. You might not have any cruise experience. If that's the case, why not opt for a mini cruise from a UK port like Southampton, Hull, Liverpool or Newcastle. You might cruise around the UK or Mediterranean ports. Either way, these short trips will answer your questions about whether you'll enjoy a longer cruise.


P&O run deals all year round. Check out at any time of the year and you'll find a deal with having but these guys turn it up a notch in November for Black Friday. P&O are currently advertising possible savings of £740 per person. As we all know, that will be on one particular cruise and with very limited availability but it gives you an idea of what this cruise firm will be offering in November.

Where to find the best deals

You won't need to shop around much as tour operators and cruise lines have dedicated Black Friday pages that are easily accessible from their home pages but you should also check out sites like and for last-minute deals. You should also check out and sign up for their "offers by Email" service. There are normally very limited amounts of places on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so give yourself a head start over other tourists by getting the best deals in your inbox.

To Consider Before Your Purchase

You don’t need to wait till November 29 to search for a Black Friday deal.

Our Notes

  • If the tour operator or cruise line offer an Email alert, sign up.
  • The availability of the very best deals is short so get in quickly

What Do They Say on Other Sites

“We thought this cruise was one of the best we have ever taken.” (sarahleclair reviewing Royal Caribbean on Trip Advisor)

“Very pleasant traveling with Jet 2. Very smooth trip.” (Mcarthy264 reviewing Jet2 on Trip Advisor)

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