The Best Steam Hair Straighteners for 2022

The Best Steam Hair Straighteners for 2022

Are you shopping for the best steam hair straightener for your hair? We’ve got you covered. Steam hair straighteners not only straighten your hair but also lock in moisture, leaving it looking silky and soft to the touch. Steam hair straighteners are essential flat irons designed to include a built-in water tank that transforms water into steam to keep your hair hydrated. They prevent dry, brittle hair, and eliminate frizz. If you’ve been looking for the best steam hair straighteners for 2022, here are the top five to check out.

What Is a Steam Hair Straightener?

As the name suggests, a steam hair straightener uses steam. Traditional straighteners typically conduct heat through their plates, whereas steam flat irons heat up the water to give off steam constantly, making it easier to shape and style hair.

Usually, steam straighteners are made with high-quality ceramic plates to ensure they provide heat evenly and protect the hair. These appliances are ideal for home use compared to normal straighteners since they prevent hair from damage. Due to the steam, your hair moisture is left intact, and the end result is a shiny, healthy, and strong hair.

The Top 5 Best Hair Steam Straighteners

Infiniti Pro by Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron


The Infiniti Pro Steam Flat Iron uses a two-step straightening system, where it first infuses hair with steam to condition it and then locks in all the healthy moisture with heated plates. It's an excellent option to use between washes and after using dry shampoo. 

This model comes with a removable water reservoir, giving you additional styling options. It's fitted with tourmaline ceramic-coated plates that smoothen the hair from the cuticle layer, protecting it from damage.

It also comes with retractable detangling combs that detangle your hair while straightening it.

Product Features:

  • Automatic shut-off feature

  • 2-stage styling system

  • 9’ swivel cord

  • Electronic temperature control

  • Retractable detangling combs


  • Five different temperature settings

  • Heats up fast (within 30 seconds)

  • Long-lasting effect


  • Small reservoir

  • Takes two to three strokes to straighten hair completely

MKboo Professional Steam Hair Straightener


The MKboo brand makes innovative hair products, including tools like straighteners and curlers. This model features seven steam holes for constant steam eruption. It is built with ceramic-titanium plates, which along with 3D combs, help reduce knotting and split ends. 

The steam hair straightener is designed with innovative Straight Hair Hydration Technology that’s guaranteed to leave your hair silky smooth. It is equipped with a 40ml water reservoir, allowing you to steam and straighten your hair for half an hour before refilling it.

The metal-ceramic heater delivers even heat distribution and hydrating effects and is perfect for short, medium, and long hair.

Product Features:

  • Digital display

  • Automatic shut-off system

  • Automatic temperature lock


  • Large capacity water tank

  • High-quality nano titanium ceramic plates

  • Five levels of adjustable heat


  • Feels heavy

Cortex Professional Vapor Hair Straightener


The Cortex Professional Vapor Hair Straightener features 100 percent ceramic coated plates, with black tourmaline gemstone. It utilizes powerful ionic and far-infrared technology that turns therapeutic argan oil into vapor, which is infused into the vented plates, leaving you with straighter and silkier strands.

The argan oil hydrates and restores moisture levels in your hair, reconditioning it and leaving it shiny.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable temperature settings

  • 100 percent solid ceramic plates

  • Argan oil infusion


  • 360-degree swivel cord for styling freedom

  • Six automatic temperature lock settings to ensure consistent heat

  • Limited life warranty


  • The quality of the steam tank could be better

L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Steam Straightener


This flat steam iron from L’Oreal can straighten all hair types. It's fitted with high resistance, anodized-coated, floating plate structure that ensures even pressure while styling. It comes with a removable detangling comb that pre-detangles and holds hair in place for improved efficiency.

It has three heat settings that vary from 350-410 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam hair straightener comes with a decent water tank capacity that ensures continuous use without the need to refill.

Product Features:

  • Double technology plates

  • Three heat settings

  • Removable comb


  • Decent water tank capacity

  • Lightweight, compact design

  • Works two times faster than competitors


  • Pricey

Gallas Pro Hair Straightener and Curler


If you want a steam hair straightener that’s more versatile, check out Gallas Pro Hair Straightener and Curler. It infuses hair with moisture for thicker, fuller, and shinier results. It works as a curling iron for shaping and styling your hair and a traditional flat iron for smoothing out curls.

The ceramic plates help prevent your hair from getting damaged or burned when curling, straightening, or styling.

Product Features:

  • Dual voltage

  • 360-degree swivel cord

  • Adjustable temperature from 265-450 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Attractive, ergonomic design

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Even heat distribution

  • Easy to use


  • Some reviewers complained it didn’t heat up enough

To Consider Before Your Purchase

There are certain factors you must consider before buying a steam hair straightener. These include:

Fast heating. You want a steam flat iron that heats up quickly. This will mean lesser time for waiting for the unit to start emitting steam. Some models can heat up as fast as 30 seconds.

Size of the water reservoir. The larger the water tank, the less you’ll need to fill it up during use. In addition, buy a steam hair straightener that has a removable water tank for ease of refill.

Adjustable temperature control. This feature allows you to customize the steam and heat flow to match your hair type. More temperature settings give more flexibility.

Steam vents. If you have thicker, curly hair, be sure to pick a steam hair straightener with more steam vents. This ensures efficiency and quicker results.

Automatic temperature lock. This feature is crucial since it prevents the steam flat iron from becoming hotter than you want, thus preventing damage to your hair. Usually, the automatic temperature control system automatically shuts off when not in use.

Our Notes

  • Infiniti Pro by Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron – has the best long-lasting effect.

  • MKboo Professional Steam Hair Straightener – has seven steam vents to ensure constant steam eruption.

  • Cortex Professional Vapor Hair Straightener – designed with tourmaline ceramic plates that infuse the flat iron with argan oil for intense reconditioning.

  • L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Steam Straightener – comes with a large water reservoir.

  • Gallas Pro Hair Straightener and Curler – versatile steam hair straightener that works as a curling iron for shaping and styling or traditional flat iron for smoothing out frizz or curls.