Oura Ring Generation 3 Review

Oura Ring Generation 3 Review

Oura Ring is a tiny smart wearable that, unlike most smart wearables, goes into your finger rather than on your wrists. Since its launch, Oura Ring received a lot of buzz, and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Prince Harry, and Jennifer Aniston have been spotted wearing one. If you haven’t gotten yourself one of these smart rings, read our Oura Ring Generation 3 review to find out everything you need to know about this health and wellness tracker.

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Oura Ring Generation 3 Review

The latest model Oura Ring Generation 3 adds new exciting features, without altering the size. The ring looks fashionable, yet plain enough to blend seamlessly into your life.

Price and Availability

The Oura Ring Generation 3 is now available and costs $299, plus a complimentary 6-month Oura Membership. Once the trial period expires, the membership costs $5.99 per month. You need the membership for the app and access to Oura Ring’s advanced features, including insights and personalized recommendations.

You can opt out of the Oura Membership and continue to use the app. However, you’ll be restricted to basic data. Advanced features and data will be out of reach.

Before you order the actual ring, the company sends you a sizing kit, containing eight plastic Oura Ring sizes to find your ring size. After trying the dummy rings and determining the one that fits comfortably, you can then place your order and wait for it to be shipped.


The best part about the Oura Ring is that it's small, nonintrusive, and simple-looking. In fact, for most days, you’ll even forget you're wearing a smart ring on your finger. The ring is a passive device that won't buzz or beep throughout the day when taking readings.

It's designed to be worn and ignored. All the work goes on behind the scene. It now features seven temperature sensors (up from three in the second-gen version) that track your body temperature continuously.

The Oura Ring Generation 3 is made of titanium and is available in four finishes: Gold, Silver, Black, and Stealth (matte black). The stealth and Gold versions cost $100 more ($399). The ring is water-resistant up to 328 feet, meaning you can wear it in the shower, swimming pool, or when diving or doing dishes.

The Oura Ring Generation 3 comes in only one shape: a plain band that flattens at the top to look like a bolt. The company says this model features a non-allergic seamless inner molding, with three sensor bumps that press against your skin.

The ring is as thick as the average wedding band, only lighter. This makes it comfortable to wear to bed compared to a wristband fitness tracker.

Feature Highlights

As noted, the new Oura Ring now comes with more temperature sensors (seven in total) which enables it to measure your baseline temperature that could be used to predict your menstrual cycle among other things.

In addition to these sensors, you get an optical heart rate sensor that measures your pulse 24/7 and a SpO2 sensor that tracks your blood oxygen saturation throughout the night.

The benefit of a ring instead of a wristband is that blood vessels in your fingers are closer to the skin’s surface than those on your wrist.

The Oura Ring Gen 3 can now measure your Restorative Time (the relaxation time during the day that lets you recover from stress and strain) with the heart rate data. Not all features are available now on the Oura Ring, but some are already working, such as the heart rate monitor we just mentioned.

Others that you can explore include the Period Prediction to help women predict when to expect their menstrual cycle and guided relaxation sessions that include exercise for breathing techniques, meditation, and sleep sounds.

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The Oura Ring may not be ideal if you want to track yourself on a run since it lacks a display and real-time fitness tracking like you’d find in Apple Watch or other fitness trackers. Instead, Oura Ring can track your calorie burn, hourly movement, steps, and walking equivalency (daily activity burn as a walking distance).

It supports integration with Apple Health or Google Fit, meaning you can import workout data into the Oura app for seamless tracking. If you engage in workouts, the ring gauges your workout intensity based on your heart rate and minutes of elevated activity, along with the data from your fitness tracker.

The Oura Ring is also a sleep tracker and will send a notification when it's your window to start preparing to wind down for bed. The Oura Ring’s sleep metrics are accurate and more advanced than those of the Apple Watch and will detect every time you stir or even open your eyes. It shows nice color-coded visuals that indicate the time spent awake or in light sleep, dark sleep, or REM.

Each day, the Oura Ring Gen 3 gives you a readiness score based on how well you’ve managed to balance rest and daily activity, as well as how much energy you have for the next day.

The dashboard on Oura’s App provides you with an activity goal that tells you how many calories you should burn based on your age, gender, and daily readiness. The app will even estimate how long you should walk to achieve this.

One factor the Oura Ring seems to accomplish better than any other fitness tracker is the ability to differentiate the time you spend in bed and the time you actually sleep. Plus, it can detect naps and prompt you to confirm in the app, and then integrates the data into its analysis of your sleeping patterns.

Oura Ring Generation 3 Review: Battery Life

The Oura Ring Generation 3 features a decent battery life that lasts between 4-7 days. You can charge the ring wirelessly on a dedicated wireless charging base. An indicator light turns white to show that it's charging, and you’ll get a notification when it's full, which should take just over an hour.

Oura Ring Generation 3: Verdict

The Oura Ring Generation 3 fitness and sleep tracker is an innovative device that doesn’t shout for attention. You only remember to look at it when it needs recharging or when showing it off. Its launch, however, seems to have been rushed, seeing as most features are still in beta. The company says a version that lets you enable real-time tracking is on the way too.

All in all, it does a decent job at monitoring your sleep patterns, movements, activity, and heart rate. You’ll like the fact that it effortlessly blends in with your lifestyle.

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